Small, a little bit deco...

Gardens of Steel Pergolas

...and beautifully coordinated.

The small crossover employs a combination of charcoal
powdercoating and galvanised pipe, reflecting the galvanised mini orb sheeting
of the courtyard walls and the charcoal trim of the house.

Gardens of Steel Pergolas

Gardens of Steel Details

Steel Design and Manufacture - Gardens of Steel Pty Ltd
Courtyard design and Landscaping: Damian Willis/Art in Green

Grand... and for the roses.

This Yarra Valley pergola aims to give expression to the owners
love of roses. Measuring 18 mts by 3mts with a raised central dome.

Gardens of Steel Pergola

pergola wonga seat.jpg

The pergola incorporates a Gardens of Steel seat located
to overlook the magnificent rose garden, lake and the valley beyond.
At the rear of the pergola woven steel lattice panels
and fence infills await the climbing roses.

Wonga Park seat plaque.jpg

Gardens of Steel Pergola Detail

beautifully crafted slate steps allow access
to further treats of this amazing garden

Gardens of Steel Pergola closeup

All steel work is handpainted black with exposed chrome
dome headed nuts and chrome bracket spacers.

Steel Design and Manufacture - Gardens of Steel Pty Ltd
Project Design - Jim Fogarty Design Pty Ltd
Landscaping - Semken Landscaping Pty Ltd

Just a little bit Victorian ...

Gardens of Steel Pergolas with rust finish

...a lot of green, and a lot of rust

Not forgetting the heritage of this Melbourne inner suburbs
Victorian house the briefing called for a less formal approach
to the design of this pergola.
The posts on the left hand side of the pergola are staggered
to follow an existing wavy, brick lined edge of the garden bed.

Malvern BraGardens of Steel Pergolas with rust finish

The double angle rolled sections of the roofing continue
the same arc to meet each post.
Rusted steel was chosen to compliment the terracotta tiles

Malvern Bracket.tif

3 layers of laser cut steel form each bracket.
The design derives from the original terracotta finial
seen in the background.

Gardens of Steel Pergolas with rust finish post and handrail

A view from the front porch of the residence showing
a handrail following the brick lined garden border.

Gardens of Steel rose tower with rust finish

Adjacent to pergola is a large rose tower,
designed to support four climbing roses.
The same rusted finish as the pergola has been used,
together with the same laser cut components.

Steel Design and Manufacture - Gardens of Steel Pty Ltd
Landscaping - Planes and Contours Landscape Construction

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