A covered home entertainment area
and a wonderful journey for the guests.

The briefing called for two concepts,
 each would need to be quite different and yet 
beautifully coordinated.


Gardens of Steel tunnel

A tunnel, 14 mts long at the side of the renovated 20's residence 
begins the journey to the rear of the property.
The owners' passion for herbs will shortly reveal plantings 
along the meandering crazy paved sandstone path.

 dens of Steel tunnel detail

Each rolled section of the tunnel 
is attached to the wall of the house with custom made brackets
  reflecting the original architectural detail of the house. 

dens of Steel polycarbonate covered tunnel

A small covering of clear flat polycarbonate breaks the tunnel;
a special chair is designated for this spot. 

Gardens of Steel roofed pergola

At the end of the tunnel and just a couple of steps down,
you enter the second concept - the entertainment area.

2006 further wondrous 

We have recently added a single gate
at the entrance to the tunnel... 


...very much in the period style.


The transition...

and what growth! 
A beautiful entertainment area and a gardening triumph; 
a tribute to its hardworking owner, very well done Bev!


Steel Design and Manufacture - Gardens of Steel Pty Ltd

Landscaping - M & J Landscaping


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